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What is my ONE432 Jutti size?

Please refer to our sizing chart here

Do you offer half sizes?

Our shoes currently only come in whole sizes. If you are a half size we generally recommend that you size down.

Will my Juttis stretch?

New One432 Juttis should fit very snug initially. 

The reason for this is that the uppers for ourshoes will slightly stretch with usage. Within a couple of days ofregular wear, the shoe will stretch from the front and should fit your foot perfectly. During this time, you can adjustfor minor size differences by swapping the EVA insole for your footbed or removing these entirely and wearing thick  socks. 

Don’t worry, the shoes are designed so that once they have perfectly molded to your feet, they will not  continue to expand.

What if my Jutti is too wide?

If your Juttis are too wide, we recommend exchanging them for a smaller size.

What if the Jutti is too narrow?

If you Juttis are too narrow, you are likely wearing too small a size and need to get a bigger size. Your Juttis are  unlikely to be tight from the sides as the cutaway feature at the midfoot is designed for your foot to be comfortable  from the sides. In case the shoe is still tight from the middle, regular wear will definitely stretch the shoe.

My Jutti pops out from the heel. What should I do?

Our Juttis have a specially designed heel grip so that there is no slippage, while the shoe is not tight on the heel andthere is no ankle chafing. If the shoe is slipping from the heel then you have selected too big a size.

If you have any further questions about the fit of the Jutti, please feel free to reach out to us at info@one432.com

How does ONE432 use upcycled and recycled materials?

One432 is committed to sustainability. We use recycled and upcycled materials for the upper parts of our Juttis. Forexample, our plain and printed cotton shoes are made using regenerated yarn and our leather and denim shoes useupcycled material sourced from our partners who are specialty producers of luxury leather and denim goods. Werepurpose the materials so that, to whatever extent possible, we transform by-products or waste products into newmaterials to develop our Juttis, for better environmental value.

How does ONE432 use recycled materials?

We use regenerated cotton yarn that is blended with recycled polyester. This drastically reduces the amount of virginmaterials in the fabric of our uppers by 80%, and the process is applied to all our cotton based shoes.

How does ONE432 use upcycled materials?

We repurpose denim that has been discarded from the sampling process of large denim manufacturers, therebytransforming by-products or waste products into new materials to develop our Juttis for better environmental value.

What are your shoes, insoles and footbeds made of?

The soles of our shoes are made from high grade composite rubber made from pollution-free materials. Our insoles and footbeds are made of eco-friendly EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

What are the benefits of using vegetable / natural dyes?

Natural dyes are made using naturally occurring materials like vegetables, berries, leaves, roots, etc. For thousandsof years, people have used natural dyes to color their clothing. At ONE432 we use natural dyes forour recycled hand-loomed cotton, which has significantly less impact on the environment than synthetic dyes. 

Just like high quality leather, naturally dyed fabrics age with time, thereby ensuring that no two shoes are alike.

What about the shoe-box? Does it champion sustainability as well?

Our specially designed shoe-box is made from 100% recycled and recyclable card-stock. The shoe-box is doubles up as the shipping box, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and waste reduction. The handlesallow our shoebox to be transformed into a picnic bottle carrier.

What is your shipping & return policy?

  • Most of our Juttis will reach you within 7 days. Customized/Hand embroidered styles reach within 14 days.
  • We accept returns for a full refund or exchange within 30 days from the date of purchase. 
  • Returned shoes should not have any signs of wear or use. 
  • All items must be returned in the original packaging. 
  • Returns outside the United States might incur a fee.

How much do ONE432 Juttis weigh with their shipping box?

Whilst there are slight weight variances due to material and size, on average one pair of ONE432 Juttis weighs approx 2 Lbs or 1 Kg.