SHACKET Shag Pistol

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The newest, and most premium member of our Shacket family, reinterprets the iconic "Buffalo Plaid" by layering and sewing individual scraps from the production floor. This process of hand crafting a 3D plaid instead of an industrial weaving loom takes 36 hours. Fully reversible and can be worn inside-out to reveal the punk inspired "Lightening Splatter" graphic on the back!

The Sex Pistols represented one of the most disruptive movements in music and fashion in the 70s. This is part of a series inspired by their collaborations with the late, great Dame V. Westwood.


Hand Stitched Seams

help accentuate all construction details using our signature red "Twill & Cross" hand embroidery.


All inside seams are meticulously reinforced and double bound with a contrast cotton tape, ensuring durability with luxury.



Versatile Weight

keeps you cosy throughout the year, whether lounging at home or layering for outdoors. 



Cotton Blend Fleece 

Conscientiously upcycled from production waste of large scale factories.  





We recommend Dry Cleaning for this one to protect the bright white section from the veg-dyed, red detailing on the seams and string.

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